Top Tips For Packing Your Sea Kayak For A Trip

28 October 2016
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If you've recently purchased a kayak from your local Canberra supplier and are planning your first trip, you'll need to pack it properly.  This is something of an art, but it's surprising just how much you can fit into what at first appears to be a small space.  Everything that you need for packing your sea kayak can be found at your local specialist kayak supplies store. Here are some top tips on how to pack your sea kayak. Read More 

Some Important Tips for Choosing Trophies and Awards

6 September 2016
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Choosing trophies and awards may be more complicated than you realize; you might assume you can just shop online, choose a trophy that has a figurine of a certain sports competitor, and be done with the process. However, once you see the many choices you have and are asked for some details, you might get a bit overwhelmed. Note a few tips for choosing trophies and awards so you know you get ones that will be appreciated by the recipients for years to come. Read More 

Selecting the Right Cricket Gear for Your Team

18 February 2016
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Team success is attributed to various factors, one of which is having the correct gear. If you are a team manager, coach, or sponsor looking for cricket gear for your team, it is important to go for apparel and other gear that will meet the demand of different playing conditions. The gear you choose should assist in the enhancement of your players' performance through comfort and ability to minimise fatigue. With a wide range of both traditional and modern sublimated gear to choose from, here are a few things that will help you make an informed decision when choosing gear for your cricket team. Read More