Why You Should Sponsor Your Local Cycling Club to Spread Your Message

7 February 2019
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As an enthusiastic small business owner these days, you've got to be looking out for every marketing and branding opportunity you can find, if you are to stay ahead of your competition and meet your targets. While there are undoubtedly many different ways to promote a brand, you should be looking for something that is a little unusual and sure to turn heads so you can seize that opportunity with both hands. Why not consider taking full advantage of the growing interest in cycling?

On the Bandwagon

People are certainly more invested in their overall health and focusing on sports and leisure like never before. It's no surprise that cycling clubs are popping up everywhere, and people are dedicating a lot more of their spare time to this two-wheeled activity. This presents a great opportunity for your organisation, as you can sponsor your local team or club and provide them with custom-made cycling kit, complete with your logos and branding message.

Careful Approach

Remember, a cyclist is a moving target, so you must keep your message simple and make sure that it is memorable. In order to do this, work with specialist designers who are used to coming up with a solution for custom cycling jerseys and other items of kit. In addition to the shoulders, lower back and side panels of the shirt, you can also include a customised message on the leg "gripper" part of the shorts.

Different Styles of Jersey

If your club is particularly enthusiastic, they may have different levels of engagement, with some focusing on road bikes and others on a more endure-style activity. Those athletes who are focused on ultimate speed will need a different style of jersey to the others and remember that the more casual style of enduro jersey can also be worn away from the cycle and in other social activities.

Crafting a Plan

Sit down with your designer and come up with some solutions that are sure to please all the different members of your local club. They will represent a mobile advertising opportunity every time that they set out on a trip, but they will be sure to exhibit brand affinity and help drive colleagues and friends in your direction as well. If you've never thought about custom cycle jerseys from a company like Pedal Mafia as a marketing and branding opportunity before, you should take advantage of this growing trend as soon as possible.