3 Considerations When Choosing A Cricket Bat For Your Child

14 May 2018
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Cricket is a game that the whole family can enjoy together, whether for leisure or as part of a professional team. If you're thinking of introducing your child to this exciting game as a batsman, you will need to consider several factors before choosing the right bat. Here they are:

Consider A Bat Sized For Your Child's Specific Height

Your child's height will usually give you an indication of the bat size that you need. A good way to determine the length would be to get your child to take a batting stance and hold a bat in his or her hand. The top of the bat should ideally rest near the groin area. While it can be tempting to buy a bigger bat for your child for when they grow up, it can make it extremely hard for them to play the game correctly at the start. For example, a longer bat for a shorter child will make it hard for him or her to follow through with each shot. This will result in bad batting habits.

Consider The Type Of Cricket Being Played Before Choosing Weight

A heavy bat will make it hard to play pull shots, so your little one may refrain from learning these types of strokes. The type of cricket being played will also be a consideration when choosing bat weight. For example, if you are planning on playing backyard cricket with a tennis ball, then a heavier bat will not serve any purpose for your child. But if you intend to introduce your child to competition cricket, then you may want to consider slightly heavier bats that are designed for bigger hitting and accurate strokes. In this instance, a lighter, recreation-style bat won't survive against a hard cricket ball.

Consider The Thickness Of The Handle

A handle should ideally not be too thick because you will want your child to have a good grasp. If your little one cannot wrap their hands around it, then they will find it hard to follow through with stroke play, which will affect batting. A good rubber grip is ideal because it will not slip from your child's hands while batting. Get your child to hold on to a couple of bats before he or she decides on one that is most comfortable for playing.

Cricket can be an exciting sport for your child to enjoy, but you need to make sure you get the right bat for the game to be played well. Consider these factors when choosing a bat if your child's sport of choice is cricket. Contact a company that offers sporting equipment for sale for additional advice.