Some Important Tips for Choosing Trophies and Awards

6 September 2016
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Choosing trophies and awards may be more complicated than you realize; you might assume you can just shop online, choose a trophy that has a figurine of a certain sports competitor, and be done with the process. However, once you see the many choices you have and are asked for some details, you might get a bit overwhelmed. Note a few tips for choosing trophies and awards so you know you get ones that will be appreciated by the recipients for years to come.


One thing to remember is that it can be good to hold off on engraving sports trophies and awards until after a game or tournament is played. The players and recipients will probably appreciate having their name or team name engraved in the trophy, but of course you can't do this until after a match or season is done. Choose trophies that leave room on the base for an engraved plate that you can have added to the trophy after a match; this will allow you to engrave the plates with the right team name and even a score or other information if you so choose, and then have the plates attached to the trophies.

Another thing to remember about engraving is that you probably need to choose a color of the engraving itself. Be careful about this; gold lettering may look nice, but it may not show up so well on brass or bronze, or even on a silver trophy. Gold may be best on a black trophy. Silver engraving may also no show up well on Lucite or plastic; opt for black or gold in those cases. As with marketing materials or signage, you need to consider how lettering will look against its backdrop and choose something that will be noticeable when choosing engraving lettering colors.


Plastic trophies are durable and easy to care for, but they may look and feel very cheap. They might suffice for a child's sport but for adults, you may want to consider metal or Lucite. While Lucite is a type of plastic, it has a heavier weight than other plastics and offers the feeling of something higher quality than thin material. When choosing metal, consider how well it holds up over the years; bronze is very durable and may only need occasional polishing, whereas silver may tarnish regularly and need cleaning with a silver cleaner. A gold or silver plate over another cheaper metal might also eventually wear away.