Selecting the Right Cricket Gear for Your Team

18 February 2016
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Team success is attributed to various factors, one of which is having the correct gear. If you are a team manager, coach, or sponsor looking for cricket gear for your team, it is important to go for apparel and other gear that will meet the demand of different playing conditions. The gear you choose should assist in the enhancement of your players' performance through comfort and ability to minimise fatigue. With a wide range of both traditional and modern sublimated gear to choose from, here are a few things that will help you make an informed decision when choosing gear for your cricket team.

Choosing Cricket Bats

The number of grains on the bat is significant to the performance of the player. Bats with narrow grains or more grains across the blades are ideal for batsmen and may enhance their performance. Therefore, do not neglect the grains when buying bats.

The correct bat size is crucial for developing budding cricketers. The bats you buy shouldn't be too heavy or too long to hinder efficient stroke play or good techniques. To attain this essential need, the junior bats should be scaled down proportionately in size and weight. Lighter bats will result in faster bat speeds, which will allow the batsmen to middle the balls better.

Choosing Clothing

Select lightweight and breathable materials for the clothing. In addition, choose fabric such as medium weight polyester that is stain resistant and hardwearing. Since cricket is often played in the warmer climates, you can consider shorts rather than the traditional pants. However, you will have to talk with your team first.

Choosing Batting Gloves

You need to get the right measurements from your players before purchasing the batting gloves. Keep in mind that the critical measurement is from the start of the wrist to the tip of the longest finger. Batting gloves are meant to protect the players' fingers from injury. Therefore, inspect the gloves carefully to ensure that the fingers have flexible padded areas.

Choosing Batting Pads

Batting pads will of course come in varying sizes to suit different players. When buying a pair of pads, take note of the approximate distance from the middle of the players' kneecap down to where the tongue of their shoes would rest. Ensure that you get your players good pairs of pads that will suit their stance and style for ease of usage and comfort.

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